Resident Evil 7 NEW Gameplay Trailer Monster (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) 2017

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Resident Evil 7 NEW Gameplay Trailer (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) 2017

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  1. This game looks badass, can't wait. Btw, I love how Capcom thinks they need to drill it into our sub-conscience to preorder the game (that static pre-order screen pops up like 5 times every video).

  2. is this game really are first person and will be no returning character like Leon, Ada, Christ or Jake? because i am really shipping for Leon and Ada and hope they can be together.

    if this game is first person and have no returning character so i am done with this game.
    Outlast is better for first Person Horror game

  3. so this is outlast 3? no wait. outlast zero lol hahaha 🙂 poor capcom. No more ideas so they copy or clone the others games. make the remake of RE3. or a new game. but not call this game RESIDENT EVIL. cuz this game its 50% outlast and 50% PT. capcom need fresh ideas guys.

  4. I hope Capcom is really considering making this for the Switch too. I would love to play this game on the go. If the rumored specs of the console are true then it should be powerful enough to handle this game.

  5. No one's saying this game looks bad. They're just saying that it's no longer Resident Evil. Truthfully, let's be honest, they could have just called this game. "Deliverance Evil" and it would have been a great stand alone.

  6. back in the day, resident was really suppose to be a first shooter game, but it takes away the horror atmosphere so they chose tank controls instead…now that we have VR and all these high-end graphics, they're pushing it…so this is "going back to its roots"? and why doesn't it feel like resident evil?

  7. La verdad que no comprendo la manía de capcom de no sacar estos juegos con un nuevo nombre.
    El juego se ve bueno, pero el hecho de que lo llamen resident evil, molesta, es casi inevitable que uno lo compare con un juego anterior dentro de la saga.
    Yo creo al menos que si a partir de resident evil 4 hubieran renombrado lo que se venia a salir después, se hubieran ahorrado un montón de criticas, incluso me parece que hubieran tenido mas aceptación de parte del publico.

  8. would be awesome if he was billy. but this seems promising as a legit RE title. I feel the suspense and mystery of the classics. hoping its not corny like Rev 3… the story needs to be legit and hopefully canon relating to biological happenings no supernatural shit. maybe even treat us to a 3rd person pov bonus maybe.

  9. r they trying to be like outlast? they already pissed me off with rev 3 being like last of us, lol. this guy can leave the house so y the fuck is their a game again? I see some promising puzzles though. if their is a legit reasoning for him being there then I have no problem with this as a RE title. like if hes stuck there cuz of a surrounding outbreak until daylight or something then its promising not going to lie. just may be a little to hard to stomach as far as scariness. and im hoping the gameplay expands in a bigger building… like a mansion.

  10. Dear Capcom,

    So Far:
    -None of the regular cast that we have known and loved since 1998
    -Change to first person perspective
    -No zombies??
    -Weird backwoods family crap
    -No couch co-op (like the last 2 games)

    Poor Capcom, this game is quite possibly going to fail so hard, and I love Capcom games, but so far, from what we've been given, I will NEVER buy this game, not even years later when it's in the preowned bargain bin for $9.99.
    Nope not interested. And that's too bad because I own and enjoyed 1-6 plus Code Veronica and some of the side games, I'm a legit old school fan, but this zombie vet and die hard is out.


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