Respawnables Warlock Gear – Haunted Guns – Live Commentary Gameplay

A Simple Click Really Helps

Respawnables Warlock Gear – Haunted Guns – Live Commentary Gameplay Don’t worry. You will get 3 Respawnables videos in 2 days. Next vid dropping soon.



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  1. Chase I was playing with these weapons there fun and for some reason I was able to r3k aristocrat users and even battle ram users are they that powerful or is it just my skill plus I wasn't using the head bc I didn't buy the bundle I just wanted the guns idk man also I've almost gotten 55 kills on respawn multiplayer with the night screech I love the weapon it's like a mixture of the noisy cricket and rainbows end it's small but powerful anyway keep up on the good vids man I'm lovin them ;)

  2. hey chase and all the respawanble community. first for all am gonna apologize for being a dig head that using the most heater shotgun to complete the event, actually i didn't want to purchase that bundle but because of this event i have to. the problem is i got like mc Donald wifi its keep lagging and am starting to rage but after i purchase that bundle it getting worse. i wanna say sorry for being bully if you know me in respawnable i use "MoR_" 😭😭


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