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So although I have know about it a little while I am off on a medium length trip, probably around 3-6 months and hopefully no more. Although I have researched it and the probability of good internet is high I cannot guarantee it.

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I did not expect to have 7600 subscribers to my YouTube account and have over 1.1 Millions views. I only started the account to help a few people out in work. I did try to tell them how to do it but visually its easier to learn and thats where YouTube came in to play. To be honest I am loving it too, not too many haters either, the majority of comments have been positive. Now I do hope that while I am away on travels / business that I can still carry on a do these videos. I normally answer between 75-100 questions a day, whether that be on Twitter or via my Facebook Page or obviously on here or YouTube.

road trip

So at latest Jan next year please expect things to take a little longer than normal, as if I do have internet it won’t be all the time like now.

Anyways thats it, I just like to keep you all in the loop.

Thank you to every single viewer, subscriber and comment(er)


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