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Karak reviews Robinson: The Journey PSVR Review for PS4 for 40.00

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  1. Playing this game standing up and even moving my feet as I moved forward worked wonders for the nausea issue (even though I probably looked like an idiot doing that).

    As for the game itself – Dude is right. This was a complete letdown especially after watching the phenomenal game trailer. It's excruciatingly boring and cumbersome.

    VR developers need to take example from the much more superior Batman Arkham VR game.

  2. I love my VR! The only game I cant play is racing in cars, that make me sick after 3-4 min.. only if I choose camera incar. Not outside camera angle. Rush of blood is my newest game and its alot of fun to be scared! Haha :)

  3. I was super excited to get it last tuesday huge huge letdown pretty visuals boring gameplay terrible puzzles that give u zero hints i already sold mine back to gamestop.and like many people noted its $59.99 on the ps store and $40 at gamestop

  4. I agree that the gameplay is stale. however, I had no motion sickness, and I played all the game on smooth controls. I don't really experience motion sickness in any game so I may be in the minority here

  5. The only thing that realy bothers me are the controls. I was sitting ready with my move controllers and it doesn't even support it… Immersion would be so much better. Why not press a button to walk. Or use a teleport system. Just feels odd to control your right hand with your head.

  6. Must be terrible to spend $600+ on VR to find out you can't play it due to motion sickness. I also heard that when people are hungry and try VR it can mess them up for up to 6 hours after in some cases.

    My main complaint is the lack of motion controllers that can achieve accurate tracking along with first person movement. Since the early PS Move demos we were lead to believe we'd be playing games like Oblivion with 1 to 1 motion tracking. This obviously never came to fruition as the Playstation motion controller is limited in many ways. Realistically the PS Move is an old tech that needs replacing and overall was just an attempt at stealing a bit of the market from Nintendo. Without a proper 1 to 1 motion controller that has analog sticks, we will never have the VR experiences that many people dream of… at least not on the Playstation consoles.

  7. this was a good review, but I have to say people are too impatient with VR, it's been out for a very short time. considering that there are some great games so far like rush of blood, Windlands and finally: eagle flight. if that game doesn't sell you in VR I don't know what will. and Windlands is a good game to find out if you have trouble with motion sickness because if you do I suggest you just step away from VR. I'm not being mean spirited, but it just makes sense: it's really no fun to teleport from place to place to avoid motion sickness, so they should just leave that out.

  8. I think vr is trying to hard with these big titles, just keep it simple with games like batman vr, and keep games £10 or £15 , it's all about the experience, Brookhaven is great, no sickness at all in these games, just hope the developers listen to us, and build games around this.

  9. Unfortunately I didn't saw this video one day earlier. I bought this game one day ago and played it today.
    The intro was great, where the little T-Rex popped out of the egg. But as soon I got in the Spaceship and moved a little bit, I got sick. And yeah, the "smooth" option or what it's called is terrible…

    I really hope not every VR game will give me that much motion sickness, because so far I like the VR experience from what I've seen in few other games that I downloaded.

  10. 3 hour playtime -_- FUCK this one was looking promising. I don't get the motion sickness everyone talks about, hate the thought of having to teleport everywhere its less immersive.

    I just want 1 game i can spend around 40 hours in

  11. I wish I could have watched the video, but dear heck, my eyes wanted to run screaming for the hills. And its not just this one, but so many of the vr games do this, ah well. Still, thanks for this one.

  12. I ain't paying £50 for a 'VR' game that doesn't even support the move controllers?! are the developers that lazy to spend some extra time to add Move support? or does moving your hand with the VR headset make it feel more realistic? (like a deformed guy with a hand stuck to his head).. Thank god Brookhaven was released around the same time for only £15 and has great move controls.. Was really looking forwards to this game but thanks for the review I think this is one of those hyped games

  13. So I was excited for this game but turns out it's not that great especially when it comes to the controls and visuals. My eyes were straining like hell trying to make out the backgrounds I went and got the pro it kinda helped with the visuals but overall this isn't that good


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