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One of the latest gadgets is the Roboquad below, which is one of the latest gifts for men.

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*Roboquad Is Now Available On Pre-Order – Stock Due In 20th July 2007*
The Exosapien Roboquad invasion – Intelligent life has landed. Exosapien Roboquad is an inquisitive robot with unique movements and an advanced sensor array. Change his Awareness, Activity or Aggression levels to completely alter his personality and behaviours. Interact with his long range, deep IR scanner and sound sensor, control him with the full function remote and watch him react to light. Roboquad has an extended battery life for prolonged missions.

About Roboquad
Advanced Awareness
Roboquad is more aware than any other robot thanks to its deep IR scanner. Able to spot movement at up to 13 feet, It can also search for and navigate through doorways, and detect edges of tables with its head mounted IR scanner.

Light Sensor
When the light goes out Roboquad keeps going, turning on its head mounted LED’s. His reactions and behaviours change as darkness falls.

Sound SensorRoboquad reacts to sound by quickly scanning his environment for any intrusion.

Personality Settings. Control Exosapien Roboquad’s autonomous behaviour and the way he reacts to your presence by choosing between the awareness, Activity or Aggression buttons on the controller and setting the levels to low, medium or high.
State of Awareness
Roboquad’s awareness level affects how much information it takes in through its sensors. At higher levels he’ll see everything, and spend more time active scanning routines.
State of Aggression This affects how Exosapien Roboquad reacts to sensor input. High levels make it angry and aggressive, low levels make it nervous and shy.
State of Activity
Exosapien Roboquad will be more active, and travel further distances, at faster speeds, when the activity levels are high.
Unique Movement
Exosapien’s state and level setting will affect his unique movement. Leave him in autonomous mode to explore his environment in a variety of ways or control him directly.
Roboquad Specifications
4 x Leg Motors
4 x Leg Motor Position Sensors
2 x Head Motors
2 x VR Head Position Sensors
Lens-Focused, Face-Mounted Deep IR Radar Vision
1 x Microphone
1 x Light Sensor
1 x LCD Controller

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