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Xbox’s Future: What will console life-cycles look like for Xbox?
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  1. Consoles that come out every two years is just a stupid idea. Especially if they're not backwards compatible. I've been looking at the PS Pro but it's just way off budget plus you have the same issue as we had when the current Gen; 4 and One, where they rereleased a whole bunch of games which people already had and in my opinion, people just can't afford to rebuy games they alrteady own just to be able to play them on a newer, slightly upgraded console!

  2. While your talk, I said to my mind that I will wait 5 years to buy a new Xbox one console. If new consoles are coming each 1-2 years we will never have time to play them all.

  3. i thinks its bs xbox hasnt been out a year and they already put out the one s! u want some bad news theyre having problems with the new gears of war!! the gpu cant handle it xbox doenst have theyre shit together! theyre dumping all this new stuff on us to early and not putting the thought into it how long has it been since infinity put a out a game seriously? infinity has it together look people still play mw3 how old is that game i dont know what your talking about but your over seas bud yall got other things going on i was just on remastered today lol and lastnight lol good day my friend

  4. no no no on new consoles every 5 years. For someone like me I can't afford that shit. I have a hell of a time buying another system and then all the games that come out for it every year. But great video by the way.

  5. Console's are taking a dump. Expect this generation or the next to be the last "console." gaming and interactive mediums will transfer over to more of a "live" stream type of apparati w new forms of interactive hardware and apparatis. Inserting a "cd" and staring at a screen might be a no go in the next gen hardware interacti saying good bye to "console's," due to future cell phone processing capability, and the perception of what you think they need or have to be. Think cell phone feeding a vr headset and you'll get an idea of where it is and where its heading.


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