Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 7

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We put the new Apple iPhone 7 up against its direct competitor in the Android space – the Samsung Galaxy S7. Which is the best smartphone? Let’s find out!

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  1. I like apple because in 2017 apple will release the very very first 3 meters charger that's meant you can charge from point A to point B it's amazing no more wire no more struggle to finding ur charger

  2. Apple has been ahead for many years honestly they have always been ahead of the game no matter what mostly every body gets iPhone i mean if u go to school what phone does like 80% of the people use don't get me wrong the s7 is a fantastic phone but I still feel that apple has more in store and i bough the iPhone 7 and it's amazing it's all about personal preference and this is my opinion I don't wanna get hate for it but team iPhone till the end for sure have a nice day

  3. "same water resistance" ummm no, the GS7 has IP68 while the iPhone 7 has IP67. It may not sound different but the GS7 can go deeper and also function underwater without any issues.

  4. Ima buy an s7

    Why would you buy a Samsung s7

    I'm not…

    You just said you were

    No I didn't, I said I'd buy the s7

    Yeah, the phone…

    No, the Bitcoin miner


    Antminer s7 ya dope.

  5. Being an iPhone 6 user I must say that Samsung Galaxy S7 being a lot older and cheaper than iphone7 beat Apple once again with it's camera. Wonder how better Note7 could have been if it was safe from explosions. Hope iPhone 8 does better. However Samsung's market would probably go down due to Note7 so technically Iphone7 wins this time.

  6. I was a die hard Android user for years. The biggest reason I switched to an iPhone was because after so long, my Android phone would become so slow. I owned four different android phones, and finally gave up in 2014 and switched to iPhone. Though I am not an Apple user by any means, I can deny that this phone has never slowed down on me….once. I still have the iPhone 5S, and it is still working like a charm.

    I do miss Android and the customization. I'm a computer geek, and I have built my computer and have customized the gadgets in my home to be controlled by a device, and I loved that I was able to customize my Android phone to whatever I wanted. I don't have that luxury with the iPhone, and I do not intend to jailbreak it, either.

    Have Android phones gotten any better in recent years? A friend of mine is a dedicated Samsung S5,6, now 7 user, and after a few months, he is always noticing the camera taking time to open and take pictures, as well as other apps open slowly, yet he sticks with them. I just can't deal with that anymore.

    This Samsung S7 looks really sleek. Better than the iPhone, in my opinion. I just cant make that switch back and deal with the latency issues anymore.

  7. I like how this is not biased. Sick of always hearing Apple and Samsung people fighting. We each have our own preference. I like Apple because that's what I'm use to. If you like Samsung/Android, good for you.

  8. I think the Galaxy S7 camera is nicer. Display too, but for shit spec the iPhone display holds up suprisingly. The only reason I decided to take the iPhone 6S this year is durability. I've always avoided apple. But every Android-ESPECIALLY samsung, every month my phone was worse. Eventually the microUSB breaks down, charging worse and worse. The pretty glass on the samsung shatters on any drop, thats not really a problem. A problem was getting a cracked s4 that completly breaks the display not the glass… just on day to day use. But I doubt thats a problem anymore. The biggest pr blem is the software. Its so nice new but it gets so bad after a while


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