Samsung Omnia Mobile Phone Review – Omnia Better Than IPhone?

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Samsung keeps trying to add creativity and satisfaction to the mobile phone market. Recently released is the Omnia i900 which is a great Windows Mobile smart phone with a broad variety of features. However, will it stand up our review or be shot down like a pigeon?


While it holds a truly inspiring look in the touchscreen phone market, its black and silver color scheme doesn’t make up for its lacking. The Samsung Omnia is made up of a plastic casing which makes it very light. While the iPhone was made of metal and glass, and its next generation (the 3G) was made up of plastic and glass combo, the Omnia screen just falls short of what we were expecting.

A good screen size makes the Omnia enjoyable when watching videos or surfing the net, and the size is just about perfect as well. It slides right into your pocket without bulking it up. However, don’t get your hopes up! Big-fingered individuals may have difficulty, with no stylus, we wonder how many people will manage its use.


The Samsung Omnia comes with Opera Mobile 9.5 preinstalled making the web browsing a great experience, along with Wi-Fi and HSDPA technologies included. Similar to the iPhone, you can zoom in and out of web pages by simply tapping the screen; although, the screen isn’t as responsive as the iPhone’s. While good competition to other Windows Mobile competitors, the screen responsiveness isn’t quite up to the iPhone’s capability.

But wait! While the iPhone cannot, the Samsung Omnia i900 can edit documents and even send email with its Office and Exchange support. As well as, the phone doesn’t lag down when navigating through it. While it doesn’t compare to a BlackBerry, the touchscreen interface tops most Windows Mobile phones with the ability to type out messages on its bespoke on-screen keyboard.

Google Maps will work fine with this GPS enabled handset. Although sat-nave comes at a cost, there are no major faults with the GPS system on this phone. Adding to its features is its 5-megapixel camera which disgustingly enough provides disappointing picture quality. Rather than Xenon flash, the phone is equipped with a simple LED light instead. However, as disappointing as it is, the camera has some features that are impressive. Such as the smile detection feature that snaps a photo as soon as someone smiles – talented indeed! Along with its auto-panorama mode that takes panoramic shots easily.

Music and video capabilities are greatly featured with the Omnia as well. Supporting many music audio file formats, even the OGG format, makes the music player worth it along with an easy to use music player. DivX, Xvid, and MPEG-4 support for video capabilities make the video experience enjoyable! Need more space? Throw in your 8GB microSD card! However, it lacks the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack.


While it is said to have 450 hours of idle time and 10 hours of talk time, the phone normally lasts around 2 days. That is, depending on which features you use on a regular basis. It also has quality audio, including the speakerphone.


The Omnia lacks some features that the iPhone contains, however includes ones it can’t manage as well. Video, Office documents, and MMS are all features included with the Omnia. While a Qwerty keyboard would be nice, the phone is rather exciting and enjoyable regardless.

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