Samsung permanently stops Galaxy Note 7 production – BBC News

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South Korean tech giant Samsung has permanently ceased production of its high-end Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports of devices it had deemed safe catching fire.
The firm had already reduced Galaxy Note 7 production volumes.
Owners are expected to be able to return the phones for a refund or an exchange

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  1. people stop being so ridiculous how are you going to buy a phone that can put your life at risk that is totally foolish and ignorant or maybe these post that I have read, is a tactic of the company hiring people to place fake comments as to still embrace a phone that can jeopardizes your life and there are still foolish people out there that they will go for it come on let be serious and wise and not ignorant…

  2. people are so stupid because the note 7 doesn't catch fire easy is what they do to them if they use them while they are charging or leave them in the sun the battery is not gonna POP!!!! i have the note 4 I use it while its charging and all and leave it in the sun and it gets hot and it doesn't blow up Samsung did a very bad mistake note 7 was beating the apple the only phone we have now is the s7 edge

  3. I have Sony devices Z,Z1 compact,Z2,Z3 compact,M5 dual  and I never ever got any minimum problems always perfect and safe with battery, stable and never crash or freeze working 24/7 even under stress but always perfect and fluid ,best audio quality ever experienced on a phone even over Bluetooth with Atpx and Hires audio also with a serious music player just as Sony know it's own job "Walkman" ,sorry to hear those things ,specially for who spent all those money for a phone that actually can catch fire just so because those Korean new brands for sell they don't do appropriate test as Chinese and Japanese  do ,they just coming out pretending to be the best ,strategically make lot of commercial and at the end of the story they mount Sony camera sensor because they are so busy to do fridge ,stove , microwave ,washing machine, air condition than they don't have or develop technology to build they own camera sensor ,right now the most serious trusted brands on the planet are Sony, Apple and I see very well Huawei and LG recently ,and unfortunately we lost Nokia and Blackberry two another great brands ,maybe Nokia might come back if they choose Android this time ,we'll see…..

  4. What Samsung to do is live streaming 30 days continuously charging 1000 galaxy note 7 under supervision of third party. Let them see, it won’t explode or melting. Leave the audience question what could lead all the recent hysteria in US media, US airplance, US train, and yes US users. US can be such a filthy place to do business.

  5. Wow!!!!

    You might as well claim that all diseases or anything that goes wrong to be attributable to the DEMON


    accuse North Korea of.

    Have you EVERRRR wonder why people "LOVE" your DEMOCRATIC USA

  6. شركة سامسونج قدمت الكثير من الأجهزة والتقنيات الجيدة
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  7. I heard that Samsung is already hard at work on their next phone, which will fix the sudden and unpredictable battery fire problem. It's called the Galaxy Note 8… 7… 6… 5…..

  8. I didn't even know this phone existed, until it started blowing up! It looks amazing though. And it's versatility is almost limitless. I still have my Note 1 and 2 and remember there being a 3 and 4. It is possible that Samsung might've rushed the production of this one, resulting in it's very short existence and quick demise. I hope they do release another one… that doesn't explode in your pocket. :(

  9. Actually it is not the battery problem. Insight reports on FA showing the phone itself have some polarity reversed manufactured at cheap low cost site like Vietnam sub-cons.Samsung could not reveal that yet but what else explains the scenario.


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