Satellite TV on Pc and Hdtv Transmission – Satellite TV Vs. Cable TV Broadcasting

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I remember once been called upon to recommend an HDTV equipment, for a colleague surprise birthday gift, I learn then that getting the right equipment was one thing another and crucial was to settle on how one will be receiving HDTV programming.

I recalled from the dealer then that, as with standard TV, I have three choices for transmission, cable, satellite, or an over-the-air antenna. Each method has its pros and cons, as well as its own set of special equipment requirements. In this article, I will compare the satellite and the cable option.

CABLE – Pros: Many carriers will offer the set-top box, HD DVR, or HD package for less than $10 per month, if not free couple with availability of wide variety of programming available, including cable HDTV networks and local HDTV stations. Since your HDTV is digitally ready, you only need a smart card (CableCard) available from your cable provider, to receive all programming, including HD- no cable box necessary.

You have bundled broadband Internet access available from most cable providers.
Cons: you are still saddle with monthly charges – a small monthly premium beyond the standard cable bill and you are prone to limited access if live in the rural areas where the cable does not cover. Though more HDTV programming is available over cable than via an antenna, choices are still very limited.

The Required Equipment: For the Cable box method, you will be supply an HDTV or an HD monitor. The cable company will also provide an HD cable box or an HD DVR. For the smart card option: a Digital Cable Ready HDTV will be provided with an option of a DVR, a full on-screen programming guide, and/or video-on-demand services.

SATELLITE Pros: with the new MPEG-4 compression technology present with most satellite carriers, it will afford a subscribers many of HD networks and hundreds of local HD stations .Satellite HDTV packages are often more affordable than cable counterparts. Most transmissions are now IP based which explain the increase of satellite software enabling satellite TV on PC. Cons: Most existing subscribers must buy Set-Top Boxes (STBs) and will have to upgrade their STBs to receive MPEG-4 transmissions.

The Required Equipment: The service providers will you supply an HDTV or an HD monitor. You may also need to purchase and install a triple LNB satellite dish and an HD satellite box or a DVR. Most the provider has local retailers in most neighborhoods.

There is a strong alternative competitor for both satellite and cable presently which online TV software enabling PC users watch satellite TV on their PC. This can be watched from all over the world with a good internet connection.

This software has been programmed to receive, decipher and deliver satellite TV signals right on your PC. The main benefit of this over Cable TV subscription is that cable TV providers will require you to pay monthly subscription fees, whereas this software allows you to view more channels at no costs.

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Be on a safe side read this reviews on most popular satellite TV on PC software.. I vote this satellite TV on PC having tested them and no Spyware and Adware present that is common with most of these products.

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