SCARIEST Game Ever Made | Silent Hills (P.T.) Gameplay Live Stream (NO SLEEP CHALLENGE)

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Let’s play the scariest horror game ever!! PT Live Stream Playthrough & ending!
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PT stands for Playable Teaser, it was a demo / showcase on the PS4 of what the scary horror game Silent Hills could have been. A reboot of the Silent Hills franchise to be created in part by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Before being cancelled by Konami.

This Live Stream Gameplay Playthrough of PT, Playable Teaser, Silent Hills Horror Game story includes a full Let’s Play including the Ending.

Massive Network’s PT / Silent Hill Let’s Play & Gameplay is a hybrid! Including a review, in-depth look of PT



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  1. Ok really never heard the background story before since this game came out but when he was explaining this it just made it more fucking creepy i can't even listen to some of the noises without looking around yo lol 😨

  2. I'm pretty sure the reason Lisa killed you at 1:02:00 was because you went through 51 loops. For some reason, she will always kill you as you approach the door leading to the 52nd loop, even if she can't normally kill you. This is the first time I've ever seen it happen to someone on a stream. You poor poor man :(

  3. If you played this game on acid you'd have a heart attack and would need therapy for years after. LSD basically unearths your subconscious, and it is a speed. It's pretty much impossible to sleep while on an acid trip. If you played this game while tripping the game could become a reality for you. When tripping, the line between you conscience and subconscious disappears, making you hallucinate. If you're in a good mood the trip is very pleasant. But if you're tired, sad, scared, angry or feeling anything negative at all you're LITERALLY going to be living in your own worst nightmare. DO NOT PLAY P.T WHILE ON ACID. JUST DON'T FUCKING DO IT.

  4. Man I went into this strong, lights all off, full screen, and headphones. Five minutes in and I said fuck this and turned on my lights. You are so brave for playing this game again, I still wasn't over it from the first time you played this.

  5. Massive is telling the truth about sleep paralysis, I have had that happen 3 times  and on one occasion I seen shit that scared me. I couldn't move or speak but I could think and when I thought of smiling and laughing the shadow figure had a weird look on its face as if it was terrified and then it disappeared. I hope to never experience it again.

  6. SHOUTOUT TO THE HAUNTED MASK!!! The Goosebumps story that scared the SHIT out of countless children! That was also my Goosebumps horror story. Couldn't sleep for like a week after watching it, I was terrified she was under my bed wearing the mask. Holy shit.

  7. Great stream Massive. A few years back I had a bout of insomnia and re-played Resident evil 4 after 3 days without sleep. It totally freaked me out, but had I played this I think I would of actually died.

  8. I did not watch that on fullscreen and I am glad I didn't.I don't know about you guys but I got spooked and scared!!Anyway Happy Halloween to everybody and to you Massive,the best youtuber ever!!!!!!!

  9. i have tried that thing were i couldn't move or say anything. i tried to scream because I couldn't move. but i could only say mmmm mmmm mmmm. like i couldn't open my mouth. i slept at a friend one day and he told me that when i was stading and talking to him were he was in his bed. he couldn't move or say anything. so i have seen one tried it to. but when it happend to me i didten se any shadows or things like that. but it was still scary as hell. like this stream. and i just broke my fon a little when he says look behind you the second time and lisa attacked. i got so scared that i trow my fon:-) nice stream

  10. p.t was amazing. everything from the atmosphere to the sound to the graphics was on point. it was easily the scariest horror game imo. kojima is amazing but sadly, it didn't work out. would've loved silent hills (especially since i've been a huge fan of kojima for years


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