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Smartphones are mobile handsets with a lot of added features. These features avail you the opportunities to use your smartphone just as a pocket computer . These phones allow you the functions more than making and recieving calls, such as browsing internet, get connected with your dear ones anytime and anywhere, get latest updates, etc.

  • Accessing internet
  • Browsing websites
  • Get latest updates
  • Stay connected with your dear ones through social media like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc.
  • Transfer data, either simply through USB cables or Bluetooth adapters
  • User-friendly operating systems and application interfaces
  • Multiple connectivity options

These features let your mobile phone transforms into a Smartphone :-

Operating System: A Smartphone has an operating system that allows it to run on various platforms, for instance, Apple’s Smartphone runs on the operating system – iOS. BlackBerry Smartphones run on the BlackBerry OS and other devices run Google’s Android OS, HP’s web OS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, etc.

Apps: Basic mobile phones also have apps or applications like calendar, alarm clock, stop watch, contact manager, address book, and many more. However, the Smartphones have much more advanced applications. It facilitates you to view the Microsoft Office documents and few also support ‘create and edit’ functions. Furhermore, It also allows you to download apps, such as personal and business finance managers, almost anything you want to do. Moreover edit photos, get driving directions via GPS, create a playlist of digital tunes are also get done.

Web Access: With the introduction of 4G and 3G data networks, it has become possible to surf over the web pages more quickly. The addition of Wi-Fi Support to many handsets added quality to Web access.

QWERTY Keypad:In Smartphones, keys are laid out in the same manner as they would on your computer keyboard and not in alphabetical order on top of a numeric keypad, where you have to press the number 1 to enter an A, B, or C that we used to have in the old mobile phone models. Thus you can access the internet or perform other tasks with an ease.

Messaging: Today, the success of Smartphones lies in the advancements in the features in sending and recieving e-mais and instant messaging. It has now become possible to have a balance and control over your personal and professional e-mail accounts, with the use of Smartphones. Unlike the traditional mobile phones, smart phones have the advance feature of instant messaging like BlackBerry Messenger, What’s up, Samsung Chat Messenger, etc. which makes these a profitable gadget. The technology surrounding smart phones and mobile phones, is constantly changing and the functionalities present in the smartphone today, may change in near or far future.

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