Skyrim Remastered Console Mods – 5 AWESOME Mods to Download! (PS4 Mods & Xbox)

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Skyrim Remastered Console Mods – 5 AWESOME Mods to Download! (PS4 Mods & Xbox)
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Check out the Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods & Xbox Mods Below!

Phenderix Magic Evolved
(Xbox One)
Dovahkiin Keep PS4
(Xbox One)
Rich Merchants of Skryim
(Xbox One)
Psiijic Robes
(Xbox One)
Cheat Mod (PS4)
(Xbox One)
Open Cities Skyrim

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  1. I don't have remastered YET but I was just wondering if mods took up a lot of space or not? I know it probably depends on what mods but either way I'm wondering if you can only have like 2 mods at a time before you run out of space.

    Another question- Let's say I start a play through WITH mods, then I want to get the achievements so I start a new character, do mods disable achievements forever or can you uninstall them to get achievements?

  2. what's the point of how much a merchant has and all that shit with mods? you have mods to spawn in millions of gold and anything. be a god too. if you wanna seem like you're playing legitimately then play legitimately and earn achievements in the process. I already have all remastered achievements since Wednesday. now finally get to play with mods and go all out


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