Skyrim Xbox One Mod The Forgotten City: Let’s Play Skyrim Remastered Mod Forgotten City (Ep. 1)

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Celebrated Skyrim mod The Forgotten City is available on Xbox One in Skyrim Remastered! We give it a whirl in the above Skyrim Remastered gameplay, discovering the Forgotten City and its spooky time-travel murder mystery in episode 1. Who is behind all the burnt corpses? What’s the secret of the Forgotten City? Why is Mike’s Dragonborn so nude? There’s literally one way to find out. Also, why not subscribe:

For those yet to dig into Skyrim mods in Skyrim Remastered, The Forgotten City comes highly recommended. With convincing voice acting, an original story and an entirely new subterranean location, it’s practically a free piece of Skyrim story DLC.

Skyrim Remastered AKA Skyrim Special Edition is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Various Skyrim Remastered mods are available to download for both Xbox One and PS4 (and PC, naturally).

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  1. Nordinary eh? I see your Nord pun and raise you a few of my own. Skyrim's favorite TV show in the 80's? Orc and Mindy. Skyrim's favorite TV show of the early 90's? Who's the Bosmer? Fastest spreading religion in Skyrim? Dragonborn Again Christian. A classic Skyrim film? Jason and the Argonians. Are you not entertained!

  2. Holy sh** man… the ACTUAL AUTHOR of this mod commented on this vid…. and just subbed to this channel (outsidexbox)!

    Look for TheModernStoryteller. If you don't believe me, check out his channel. By the time I was typing this, it was just 8 hours ago after he/she subbed. How awesome is that?

  3. Holyfuck 80 $ for this trash, & thats 5 years after the original release of skyrim:vanilla edition. gtfoh bethesda i love ya but psh cmon pc glorious mustard race ENB mods alone shit on this game.


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