Skyrim Xbox One: Nude mod! 18+

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Newest video NUDE MOD HERE

Skyrim Xbox One NUDE MOD!
Please do not watch if under age of 18!
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I do not reference sex or condone sex. This is a video game nude mod. Women can walk around topless where I live. Boobs are normal, but in a video game it is cool to see. If you are offended or underage then just do not watch this video. Nothing sexual, just women without shirts.


Ashara Erin and Sienna

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition, a remastered version of the game, was released for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in October 2016



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  1. Hey, does anybody know how to fix this issue I have, I am using the Seraphim body mod, and adorable females, and there is a glitch where the neck is a different skin tone than the rest of the body, can anybody help?

  2. the dress is called nocturnals robe….you can use mods to craft it….you then use the body enhancement mods (theres literally only two right now on xbox, the first is busty stuff, the second adds detail like muscles and nipples) then do this with any female….

  3. Better search and download Sophitia quick before it gets updated or removed on Xbox. Once you manage to get her as a follower, give her some armour so she wears it removing the dress, then use the take all items spell on her from the cheat room mod. You can see everything, including her ladybits.

  4. so i guess both this and the nocturnal robes mods were patched… anyone know of any new low key nude glitches or mods? i guess the robe thing just doesnt work anymore. chip please make a video if you find something like this again!


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