Smart Cell Phones With Video Used in Crimes

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Many have hailed the smart cell phone with video or digital picture ability as a great crime stopper. In fact if a criminal were to commit a crime some teenager on a skateboard would probably get a snap shot or a picture of their license plate at they tried to escape.

Yet, recently in an online think tank someone mentioned that crimes can be committed also using this technology and stated; “While camera phones have indeed increased the likelihood that suspects will be photographed either during or after their crime, it has also been used to commit crimes.”

Now then, in the comments the think tanker went on to give examples of someone using them to take upskirt pictures of unsuspecting females. This is something that all parents would be concerned with regarding the taking of sexual pictures and sending them by phone. Indeed in considering how a criminal might use a picture phone, what about identity theft too? Another thing that unscrupulous criminals might do and that is stand near a credit card machine and photograph credit car numbers?

We all know identity theft is a huge issue these days and a criminal with a camera phone could use it to steal your identity. Apparently all technology has both good and bad uses. But over all I think the new camera phones are very cool. So, what are your thoughts on this issue? Have you giving it any thought? If not then think on this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow


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