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This is not a magical plugin that can simply remove unused options. It requires some patience and following instructions to get best results. If you expect one click removal of unused options, please don’t buy this plugin.

Smart Options Optimizer is a unique plugin that is created for a purpose of tracing unused options and meta records. When a plugin or theme is removed from WordPress, there are traces remaining in the database. Some of the records left by these plugins take space and can even have negative impact on WordPress performance and memory usage.

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Why do you need this plugin at all? Well, it is very hard to determine what records should be removed, and if you are not developer you should not delete records from database on your own, or you may cause website crash.

Since version 2.0, plugin has Quick Scan method that is not very reliable, but it is fast for quick overview of the options used. For best results it is essential to use Tracer and run it long enough to gather as much data as possible. Tracer in version 2.0 is optimized and adds very little overhead and will slow down website by maximum of 5%-10% while running.

It is essential that you read User Guide that comes with the plugin before using the plugin to understand how plugin works, what each module does and to get recommendations about conditions for running the plugin and understanding results, before getting to deleting records.

How is this plugin different from Smart Cleanup Tools?

Smart Cleanup Tools works through SQL queries to find data that is no longer connected to anything (not used, orphaned, obsolete), but it is not able to determine if options in wp_options table is actual used in the code. Smart Options Optimizer on the other hand hooks into WordPress to monitor usage of options and meta data to find if they are really used. It deals with data that looks OK from SQL standpoint, but they might not be. This plugin digs deeper to help you remove things that other plugin can’t detect.

For full control over you database, for ability to remove almost any junk that is in there (and it can and will collect large amount of junk over time), you need both those plugins: Smart Cleanup Tools for regular maintenance (you can run it daily or weekly), and Smart Options Optimizer for removal of hard to detect junk from time to time.

Full Tracer and Quick Scan Methods

Full Tracer and Quick Scan Methods
Tracer is powerful tool that can record over a period of time (few hours or more) usage of options and meta data on your website to allow you to remove unused options. Quick Scan has the same goal, it is faster (few minutes) than Tracer, but it is not very reliable.

Settings for better control over tracing or scanning

Settings for better control over tracing or scanning
Control over run period for Tracer, scanning scope for Quick Scan, with options to limit process to options and various WordPress meta data. Plugin has tools for removal of gathered data, or reseting all plugin settings.

Analyze gathered data and decide what records to delete

Analyze gathered data and decide what records to delete
Gathered data is split into 3 tables based on the usage criteria, like a recommendation on what records to remove and keep. Overview is display as a reminded on what each table shows. You can remove multiple records in the same time. Analysis panel allows you to view data from Quick Scan and Tracer.

Change auto load flag for main WordPress options based on usage

Change auto load flag for main WordPress options based on usage
WordPress options have auto load flag, and while it is useful, it can cause for large amount of data to be loaded needlessly every time WordPress loads. Using Tracer data you can see which options can be disabled from auto loading.


  • If you have modified database tables schema in any way, or you have done changes to WordPress core files, there is no guarantee that this plugin will work as expected.
  • Make sure you double check all results gathered by Tracer (or Quick Scan) before proceeding to deletion of records.
  • Before proceeding with data deletion, backup your database.
  • You are using Smart Options Optimizer plugin for WordPress at your own risk.


this is really super great. I was trying to make website faster since a few months. I did everything but nothing worked out.. but now server is responding and loading the page 10x faster then before now? tested with p3 plugin profiler tool.. only theme was loding in between 1.6 second to 1.2 second. now 0.700 to 0.130. I had bunch of left over datas on database. I can?t thank you enough.

   from user Wizar87, full comment here.

Other Features

  • Supports WordPress Multisite installations.
  • Supports translation and includes POT file.

System and WordPress Requirements

  • PHP 5.2.4 or newer
  • WordPress 3.5 or newer
  • PHP: set_time_limit function must be available
  • PHP: safe_mode must be disabled

Integration with Other Plugins

Smart Security Tools
Smart Options Optimized adds 2 new events in security log to track start of the tracer and scanner jobs.


Plugin contains PDF user guide in the plugin package, inside the ‘docs’ directory. Check out this documentto get information on plugin options, usage and more.


Version 2.3 / 2015.03.01.

  • Added: Quick scan saves progress timestamps
  • Updated: Few minor improvements to tracer
  • Updated: Additionally tested with WP 4.0/4.1
  • Updated: Improvements to the admin side panels UI
  • Fixed: Quick scan not ending in Multisite Mode
  • Fixed: Few logged warnings during Quick scan
  • Fixed: Minor issue with the debug backtrace function

Version 2.2 / 2014.08.12.

  • Added: Log tracer/scanner run through Smart Security Tools
  • Added: Added check for safe_mode and disabled functions
  • Updated: Improvements to the admin side panels UI
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