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Overwatch – Sombra STRATEGY & GAMEPLAY! Some More Overwatch Sombra Gameplay @ Blizzcon!💙Leave a ‘Like’ if You Enjoyed!💙
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  1. honestly i think her hack ability is STUPIDLY powerful. hack counters EVERY ulti in the game, aside from like "fire and forgets" like zarya, mercy, and hanzo. but it still disables abilities for 6 seconds which is HUUUUUUUUUUGE.

    that combined with her EMP, is just…. i dunno i think she is gonna get nerfed cause if she stays how she is she will be A MUST HAVE in every comp.

  2. Haven't watched the video yet, but I reckon Sombra will be best for stuff like going behind the enemy defending team then hacking into the shield, etc, and making a huge push. Sombra will probably be one of the most important pieces in an attacking team

  3. when you place a sombra teleporter it has 15 seconds of being able to use it and the respawn timer is around 10 seconds does that mean when you die you can teleport back? that is gamebraking if you ask me

  4. am i the only one to watch this videos bcz i don't have th game and i can't get it ;( sad right btw thanks for this videos yur making me so happy and yu just let the smile appears on my face so thx

  5. I haven't got the chance to play her, but these are my strategies. Based of many footage's ppl have uploaded on Youtube, and watching her skill set.

    On king of the hill, she is strongest. Because of her "Health pack management".
    You can decide to ensure the HP pack on your side are in favor of your team…or infiltrate the enemy side and sabotage theirs.
    But note, if you infiltrate. The enemy Sombra would most likely do the same, because she can't secure their own.

    Sombra is also a Flanker nightmare, due to her own mobility and counters.
    For example Sombra is Tracers worst, if you manage to hack Tracer…she is a sitting duck, her blink is all that keeps her alive.
    Hack a Pharah, and she can't rocketjump out of reach or use her contusion missile to keep range (but beware of her missiles, they still hurt).
    Reaper can no longer escape in his wraith form if it get's to dicey (but don't get to close of his shotguns).
    Genji can no longer deflect or dash out (or though you)…but his mobility like wall-climb or double jump still works.

    Important note about her hacking ability: "It interrupts ultimates, and block abilities."
    So for example a Genji uses his Reflect, you can not interrupt it when in use.
    You can prevent him from using if not on cooldown.
    After the hack he can still use his Ultimate "Dragon Blade"…hack it while in use: interrupts the "Dragon Blade" ultimate.

    Sombra's ultimate "EMP" is basically the same as hacking, the only bonus above a normal hack that is also removes shields like Lucio's "Sonic barrier" or Zarya's bubble.
    IMPORTANTE: "EMP works in line of sight" (just like D.Va's Self-destruct ultimate).

    And try not to use the cloak as a escape, use it offensively.
    Because just 1 scrape of like a very distant pellet can break stealth immediately.
    Use your "Translocator" for the escapes or infiltration behind enemy lines.
    Your Cloak is a great tool to run 'around' the enemy lines, or chase down low health targets for the finishing blow.

  6. One thing I would like to know. Does her hack also disable passive abilities? Because hacking a Genji would mean no Reflect, Quick Strike, double jump OR wallclimb, which is devastating for a hero so ability and and passive ability reliant.

  7. I think there is a possibility that sombra might be the new meta. Hacking seems to stop any ultimate that is channeled by a character. It can just nullify zenyatta and lucio, but also let reinhardt drop his shield or zaryas barrier. It is almost a garanteed kill if she EMP's into zarya ultimate. Other than that, it would make it unnecessary for allied lucio or zenyatta to ultimate, if genji uses his blade. Press Q. Poof, useless Genji. I wonder if it also drops Ana's nanoboost..
    And since her ultimate charges very fast, you can even use it frequently for attack or defense.


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