Sony Says Xbox Scorpio CAN’T Do ‘True 4K’ Gaming + #Giveaway.

Mark Cerny is at it again with some crazy shit anyone can disprove.. Here, watch me do it right now!


SSD Coming to Xbox:



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  1. Neither of the new consoles will be able to do true 4k.maybe with older games but i highly doubt new games. If a 6gb video card can barely hit true 4k at 60 fps then the consoles most likely will do up scaled 4k at 30fps maybe 60 for games like forza. I hope I'm proven wrong but don't see it

  2. the console is already out and people are still saying that its not really worth the upgrade unless you have a 4k hdr tv and even if you do the difference in quality isn't massive. playing a game like game like battle field 4 upscaled to 4k will only give you about 30 fps which is still "playable" but not worth it. at least the console will probably be able to run games at native 1080p with better fps.chasing 4k gets you nowhere

    keep your ps4, get the xbox one s, build a $500 gaming pc which is still better than the ps4 pro or just wait for the scorpio

  3. I agree with most of what you say but don't 4get that amd t-flops are not equal to nvidia t-flops, a nvidia 4 t-flop gpu outperforms a 5.5 t-flop amd gpu in most cases. so it is totally irrelevant using 980ti for comparisons.

  4. he is actually Right I have one 980 to before and I couldn't play any AAA games on 4k 60fps and Microsoft claimed 4k uncompromised.but Xbox Scorpio is not a PC it's not all about the GPU to do 4k it's lot more than the GPU .and I had 4790k CPU and pretty sure Microsoft won't have that.

  5. I bought an Internal SSHD for my PS4 almost as soon as I bought it. So no, I definitely didn't buy an SSD. At that time they didn't even go to 1TB. On another note, I can't justify 240GB for about the price of 1TB HDD. There's just too little space to work with and I don't like the idea of shortening the SSDs lifespan by constantly reading and writing to it because I have to uninstall shit just to install new shit that I may not even like.

  6. the information that is being present is not fully accurate 4k on pc is upscaled to a certain extent if the assets were completely coded from the ground up with 4k in mind you would need at least 8 tflops developers are lazy and don't want to put in the effort too code for a true 4k experience

  7. I own a PS4 Slim, and I gotta say that this video didn't bother me one bit. After all, I got it for the exclusive games and japanese titles – and I have a PC if I want top-notch graphical performance out of my multi-plats. When the Skorpio launches, I'll just buy a budget GPU upgrade that outperforms the Skorpio by a fair margin – for half the price.

    And since pretty much all of the Xbox's exclusives are already on, or coming to the PC, well there's really not much reason to buy one at all unless their backwards compatibility is improved substantially so as to serve as a replacement for my 360 in case anything happens.

  8. Probably the thing your missing here is that what mark was talking about is for layman's terms is like hyperthreading on intel cpu's. he is saying in theoretical 8.4 tflops is because with allowing the gpu to "hyperthread" it double it's performance. Similar to i5 vs i7.


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