Star Wars Battlefront LIVE Gameplay – Preparing to Storm the Beaches of Rogue One Scarif DLC!

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WE’RE LIVE playing Star Wars Battlefront gameplay on PS4 prepping to storm the beaches of the Rogue One Scarif DLC by ranking up in 4x Weekend! Let’s do this! Thanks for joining our Star Wars Battlefront Live Stream!

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  1. I was rank 90 after 2 days when the new lvl cap was released, during the double xp my game glitched and kept saying I completed some challenge every time a new game started and I was getting 60k xp a game! I grinded and saved 180k credits and I only played for 2 days! So pumped for rogue 1 dlc

  2. It is unfortunate that you guys still use TL50 secondary fire despite it being overpowered, as you yourselves have stated many times over.

    I expected more from you guys as Youtubers, the idols that the community often emulates. But now instead of promoting fairplay and honor, here you are feeding the cancer that is already prevalent in the game.

    You do realize, if this game dies, your channel would die too 🙂 In fact, with your playstyle I think that's great. Nevermind what I said. Keep spamming TL50!


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