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A Simple Click Really Helps

Is it really possible to stream ive TV on computer with the Stream Direct TV software? If you have searched on the internet for ways to watch TV online, you might have come across this program called Stream Direct TV.

At first it all looked like a scam to me, and I never believed that I could access cable TV stations online. After further research, I discovered that many people are successfully using it to watch their favorite TV shows, movies and live sports games online. Eventually, I decided to give this software a try myself.

What Are The Ways to Watch Stream Live TV on Computer?

  1. Download Stream Direct TV software – To be able to use this method successfully, you should ensure that you have a high speed internet connection, preferably broadband or faster. A 56k speed dial up connection may not result in the best viewing experience. With this software, your computer will be able stream live cable TV signals and decode them for display on your monitor screen. The total time needed to download, install, and start running the software should take around 15 to 20 minutes at most. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways to start watching TV online.
  2. Use PCTV Cards – This is a specialized form of hardware device that also enables your PC to receive live satellite TV signals. There are the 2 main types of cards, which are the internal and external PCTV cards. The external card connects to your computer via USB port, while the internal card will require you to attach it to the motherboard.

Which is the Better software or PCTV Card?

Most people would generally prefer the software method, since it is much easier to install and more affordable as well. There is no need to open up the CPU and deal with any hardware equipment. Using an external PCTV card will require additional space on the table as well.

More and more people are trying and used Stream Direct TV simply because it was so easy to use, no extra hardware needed, no bandwidth limit and with daily channel update! So, if you want to watch Stream LIve TV on PC, then you must try Stream Direct TV now!

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