Streaming Warframe The War Within LIVE Full Gameplay/Walkthrough

A Simple Click Really Helps

Livestreaming my first blind playthrough of the War Within, live War within walkthrough for warframe.


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  1. Dude honestly, I'm not fanboying but you didn't owe it to fucking anyone or anything but yourself to get on Warframe and play the quest if it was super cringey or had bad lines or whatever then don't fucking play it, if you actually did this for your fans you wouldn't have quit Warframe super abruptly even though its fanbase was most of your viewer base.

  2. i don't like your content anymore bc you stopped playing warframe but its your life you can do whatever you want to do, i'm just saying this not be hateful and you're fine doing what you doing now do what you like to do don't listen to me you're just fine but i'm just saying. Wow i need to stop saying just.

  3. Dude, finally broke down and came by to take a look at your old haunts eh? We missed you here, even though I watch a lot of your other content, somehow watching your Warframe content feels really familiar. Keep up your great work on your channel and don't let petty comments or assholes change what you believe. Cheers

  4. Hey Beuse new subscribers and new to war frame, one of my friends who's a veteran said that some of the cool primes like ember are no longer available. is there a way to get them or am I screwed do to picking up the game too late

  5. If you'll never be playing warframe again, what are you gonna do with all your plat and special items brah? maybe you might give things away? it's upto you, but just remember, i mentioned it first, so if you do, i call first dibs :D. My ign is TheElementalX. thanx. (btw you are a real badass).

  6. Lol. I stopped playing for a couple of weeks and my other Kavat died! I didn't even rank it up the whole way. 🙁 Guess I need to make another Adarza, even though I don't really care that much for it.

  7. really hope they do more with operators. and how the alignments affect the operator's and possibly warframe's powers in the future. at the moment the operator is very squishy.

  8. Sometimes it fun to be a troll because.. you know… ah wth.. great video man. Please do cover the Kuva madness if you do get a chance. Also love your livestreams.

    Side note, I see you hit 45K+ subs. Congrats!


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