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The 5 star premium solution to easily customize every WordPress theme!

With the Stylechanger plugin you can easily customize the styles of any WordPress theme and plugin.
This plugin is compatible with any WordPress plugin and theme including Visual Composer, Layers WP and WooCommerce.



If you have a question about the plugin or if you have an idea for a great new feature please let me know in the comments or by sending me an email through my profile and i will try to answer as soon as possible.

Using the stylechanger plugin in your theme

Are you searching for the perfect way to make your theme styles customizable? Then add the stylechanger plugin to your theme and give your users something extra!
If you purchased an extended license you can sell the style changer plugin with your theme.

What our users say


07.05.2015 ver 2.12
   - Improved property search
   - Fixed a bug with generated css files
18.04.2015 ver 2.11
   - Added property search
   - Added the ability to edit transitions
   - The select boxes for media queries, types and groups now get a color when there is something changed
   - Added basic background gradient options
14.04.2015 ver 2.10
   - Improved german language
   - Added media queries (responsive options)
01.04.2015 ver 2.01
   - Fixed a bug with certain selector (panel not visible)
   - Added german as language option
26.03.2015 ver 2.00
   - Added korean as language option
24.03.2015 ver 2.00
   - Changed the plugin layout
   - Did a big upgrade to the internal code
   - The whole panel header is now draggable
   - Panels can be resized
   - Css properties are split into more groups
   - Added a font select
   - Added multi language support (dutch and english at the moment)
   - Added the option for descriptions (advanced edits and normal edits)
   - Added a settings link to the plugin in the plugins list
   - The scope toggle is now a dropdown
12.03.2015 ver 1.12
   - Added cm and rem support
   - Added used colors on the page to the color picker
   - Small css changes for the color picker
   - Small css changes to the dark theme
   - Added a setting to auto display the stylechanger or to add a button in the admin bar
   - Css files now automatically re-generate after a plugin update (to avoid not existing css files)
05.03.2015 ver 1.11
   - Added multiple themes for the plugin + a setting for it in the admin panel
   - Added a remove per scope button in the admin
   - Added a remove per theme button in the admin
   - Added a regenerate css button in the admin
   - Panels are transparent while dragging
   - Small css changes
28.02.2015 - ver 1.10
   - Added the option to change styles per page or per theme
   - Option to disable/enable styles in the styles viewer
   - Remember the dragged panel position
   - Minor css changes to the plugin itself
   - Fixed a bug in firefox
25.02.2015 - ver 1.00
   - First version



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