Supreme Builds Media Center (SBMC) Kodi 17.1 Fork + 5 (Yes Five) More 17.1 Forks

A Simple Click Really Helps

The repo address for the Supreme Builds Wizard is:

You can download and install SBMC and all the forks through the Supreme Builds Wizard or on the web at

In this video I show you the brand new Supreme Builds Media Center (SBMC) Kodi 17.1 fork along with forks of SBMC for all of the Supreme Builds 17.1 Builds.

These are true forks of entirely 17.1 code for the community. We are happy to deliver them to you as I know everyone has been waiting for quite a while.

Enjoy SBMC, SBMC Titanium, SBMC Quest, SBMC Kubo Kids, SBMC Supreme Kids and SBMC Cell X2


Supreme Builds Repo Addresses: PRIMARY = ——- SECONDARY =

Supreme Builds Facebook Group:

Real-Debrid setup and review video:

If you want to sign up for Real-Debrid:

If you want to sign up for an All Debrid account:


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  1. I had to factory reset my box just because I didn't know what else to do…anybody have a suggestion how to start over from scratch. Not exactly a pro here And just looking for a little help. This seems like a great place and seems to be a lot of support

  2. Well guy's, it looks like Supremebuilds also went running cause its been down. Can't get Terrarium to run nor get Supremebuilds to work also. Till then, So long….

  3. any build with 4k content and if so how is the shield streaming the 4k content does it run it good been wanting to upgrade to a shield but haven't had any feed back on streaming quality on shield with kodi 4k

  4. Why the naked butt on Cell X2? I have young grandchildren. There are kid's media in Cell X2 and I don't want them staring at the butt in the icon and while it loads, etc. Is there a way I can change it? I haven't figured any way to do it.

  5. new to kodi could you explain to me why i would want to have more than 1 kodi or build running ? currently running skyQ what benefit would adding these forks provide?thanks for your time.

  6. nice one mate thanks very much do I install the bulid then go to SB on the bottom of the bulid in your video then can I go to the SB and apk and that it is hope keep up the good work that u do for kodi and the community thanks again mate tar

  7. Hey I have a box are used supreme builds titanium and quest before echo Coder went down-I didn't want to go to fusion so what I did was ordered a box-downloaded basic add-ons like exodus Zen one22412 or w/e # after force closing I have the supreme builds wizard I have titanium I have quest and I'm wondering if a 2 GB box is too much for her to handle, I follow the video verbatim step-by-step even went back a few times to re watch is there a way I could switch from titanium to quest and I'm not sure about the SBMC is that so I can do add-ons for everything else? I thought this would be kind a like a big giant bowl and one supreme build build,I consider myself a novice I can navigate myself around file manager to do add-ons but I'm not sure if what you intended for me to do with all the forks I did correctly because when I go to do the ether or the cell and wants me to do a standard or fresh install there are some that say that aren't available something from URL and other error messages I don't know if I can do a factory reset or if it's necessary, I did not use ES FileExplorer pro I used my browser and instead of the arm 7A or 64 I chose open with Google play just once… do I have the space that it takes to add additional build in addition to titanium quest and supreme build wizard in my file manager the SBMC– it shows nothing in the file manager for add-ons and program it on is where I see the quest and titanium I want to download the cell but it won't allow me to do a standard install and I had a hard time to install just the question titanium alone it didn't go as easy as the video if anybody else has had this issue please help me or let me know what you did in regards to this issue supreme builds you're one of my favorite and I was really sad when echo went down I had to use chappie and spinz through tvaddons which is something that I try to avoid Vis-à-vis Aries wizard etc., it was never going as perfectly as it was when I had quest on fire stick, on a box having these options although not working at their full potential, any show or selection I. put on–it's on at lightning speed but I feel like there's a lot missing thank you for any help in advance✅👍🏻🙂


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