Surprised Brother on B-Day with Full Gaming PC Setup (VLOG #15)

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Surprised my brother on his B-day by getting him a full gaming PC setup!
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  1. Jesus guys. Yeah he didn't react on camera but you guys in the comment section are being super brutal about it. Holy shit. Ed, on behalf of the comment section here, I apologize for the comments.

  2. To be dead honest Loved the vid and i know you dont care about his reaction i think cuz hes your bro and want to be him atleast a bit happy, but your bro is just so ungrateful literally :/ But Loved the vid as usual keep it up

  3. dude fuck your brother seriously … not even a thank you or a holly shit, I don't care if it is a used pc it is still an excellent one with great keyboard and monitor … he doesn't deserve it, just kept looking as if it was nothing

  4. I remember when my dad bought me an Xbox 360 im so happy and cried because its my dream to have a console.. And your bro, a $2000 pc who don't gives a shit. Ungrateful Bastard.


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