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T8 V Smart TV Box

Firstly, I am not one for Tech Reviews, although I would like to do them more in the future as I really enjoyed creating this one for you. The reason why this review even exists is simple, I was blown away by this awesome bit of Tech, also from a company which I trust and offers full support on all of the products they sell. So heres the review, any feedback would be amazing as this could become a new added feature to my Youtube channel which I will add now is over 14.5K subs, so thank you !!!!!! So lets talk about the T8 V Smart TV Box

Now probably like you I was getting a little fed up with my “Budget Box” purchased from the likes of eBay and Amazon, yes I too was that person that purchased one of them, within a few weeks I did regret it but couldn’t just throw it away away and learn from my mistakes, with the poor performance and the sudden power shutdown, and don’t get me started on the box just freezing for no apparent reason. Yes Yes the missis was right again, you get what you pay for, she says that a lot and yes I am a man and didn’t listen, when most of the time we, men, really should.

So Xmas has been and gone, we were going to get a new TV, that didn’t happen, we wanted to upgrade our TV to a smart TV, once again we didn’t. Then as you well know I am a bit of a social deviant and kept seeing tweets from users about the boxes that Entertainmentbox were selling, so I decided to check them out. I didn’t even realise that these guys have an online and a high street shop, and didn’t just sell boxes they, well, sell a ton of what us geeks would love!! So I would highly recommend checking out their products and get your card handy as you will be buying something.

So I listened to the missis, a little, and instead of purchasing a smart TV, I turned our existing TV in to a smart Tv!! Genius (I hear you say) with a little help from this awesome Smart TV Box an here is the little beauty.

As you can see you get everything in the Box that you need. I did purchase the new wireless, voice transmitting, pointer and keyboard gadget remote which you can see in the images, and really its awesome, its not only a remote but its also a wireless gaming controller too.

My whole experience with this T8 V Smart TV Box has been a pleasure, hey even my missus noticed the difference in speed quality and of course design, she’s materialistic 🙂 for the novice or experienced user out their you will notice the difference immediately, as I did, thing I love the most about this box is the support, this time not from me but from the company whom I purchased it from, entertainmentbox.com as you will see as soon as you plug in the box you are presented with so many options it unreal, from helpful install guides, to Commodore 64 ROM emulators!!! Could you ask for more, at this present time I haven’t played around with the emulators due to the missis finally having the peace of mind she can watch a film, pause it, hit play and it not kick her out.

T8 V Smart TV Box T8 V Smart TV Box

The apps that are installed on here are smart and theres plenty of them too, you really do get what you pay for with this device. Blistering speed and good looks, have you seen the specifications too, here they are direct from the website T8 V Smart TV Box awesome Specs or a quick visual if you prefer.

T8 V Smart TV Box

So thats it you awesome people, its time for the review.

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