Taking pictures With The HTC DROID INCREDIBLE

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The HTC DROID INCREDIBLE with a 4-star rating from more than 75 customer reviews is one of the bestselling cell phones in America today. It has a built-in high quality 8-mega pixel camera and LED flash which makes this the best cell phone for creating high-quality pictures. With the built-in flash you will be able to take great pictures in low-light situations. Most cell phone cameras have a maximum of 5-mega pixels. The more mega pixels, the higher the resolution. As a result, with its 8-mega pixels the DROID INCREDIBLE is going to give you the ability to take outstanding photos day and night.

When you find a great photo opportunity all you need to do is snap, crop and share. Now that you snapped a great photo you can crop it and apply different effects right from the phone using its built-in photo editing tools and then post it directly to your favorite social networking website like Facebook, Flickr or Picasa. You no longer have to download your pictures to your PC first as you need to do with most stand-alone digital cameras. You can think of the DROID INCREDIBLE as a camera with a phone. Also, the camera operates as a video camera. This comes in handy at birthday parties and other special events when you want to capture something more than just a still photo.

The phone is the PC is the phone. The HTC DROID INCREDIBLE has as much power as a PC with its internal 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal flash memory, so you can simultask with multiple applications open while surfing the net with ease. You can store your photos, videos music and other important files. You can increase your phone’s storage capacity by saving files to a removable memory card, storing on a PC or transferring them to online storage. This way you always have access to all of your important files.

The HTC DROID INCREDIBLE has a large 3.7 color inch screen and has GPS with turn-by-turn directions. So, you can ditch your portable GPS. In addition, the HTC DROID INCREDIBLE includes built-in WiFi with optional Hotspot capability and Bluetooth stereo music. This is what I call the everything phone.

While Android doesn’t have as many available apps as the iPhone, there are still thousands of Android applications available for download, which makes this a good substitute for the iPhone.

If you’re looking for a smart phone with multi-media capabilities, the HTC DROID INCREDIBLE is definitely worth considering.

Source by Scott Frank
Scott Frank

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