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Here we have an awesome new KODI video addon from the every expanding TDB Wizard, if you have no idea what this wizard is or what it provides to the KODI community you really need to check it out, head to my YouTube Channel and you will see I have already done a few videos on it. So this addon has all the best cartoons and was created by @Leetv55 who is part of the TDB team.

It can be installed from the following URL:

http://www.tdbwizard.co.uk/repo then just head to the add ons sections.TDB Wizard kodi

I would urge you to have a good look through the TDB Wizard KODI, check out all the features that this fastest growing wizard has to offer, not only does it have video add ons its also has the TDB Builds that personally I think are amazing, so much work goes in to this Wizard its crazy. You want to stop buffering too, all it has a section for each specific device too, this section optimises the settings on your specific device and this will help (not completely stop) with any buffering issues.

SOURCEYouTube via @LeeTV55

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