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So firstly I have to thank Tech for taking the time to answer these questions, I know he leads a very busy life so thank you. I wanted the end user (you) to understand a little more about the developer behind some of the great builds and add ons that we use on I would assume a daily basis.

Firstly here are the channels to Tech.

Twitter: @TechTimeruuu

Youtube Bio and Channel:

“Welcome to Tech Timeruuu, pronounced {Tek- Ty-meh-ru}. This channel is mainly to help users like you and others on tips, tricks and reviews on Kodi. It all started as a quick way to help friends out. Then I realized, more people were visiting my channel and subscribing. And so I needed to upgrade my video skills, a lot…and I mean a lot. Thanks to you guys, I keep making videos and helping the community. As always, visit https://spartanpixel.net for more tips and help. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thank you, you guys are awesome!”

Channel: TechTimeruu YouTube channel

Websites: SpartanPixel

Questions that Tech Kindly answered.

What is the Name of your Build/Add-on(s)

The Royalist Build, The Spartan Build, spartanpixel.net wizard, the beast Kodi wizard

How long have you been in the Game

More than 5 years

What made you start Developing for KODI/XBMC

The first Xbox back in 2000

What annoys you the most about the community

The fake Youtubers that don’t know anything of what they speak of and ungrateful people complaining about a free service 😉

What are your plans for the future in the community

Have a build that auto updates

If you could change one thing about the community what would it be and why ?

I want the community to be able to think for themselves and not rely on a video that they saw. The Internet is there for all of us to use. Be smart and learn.

Do you develop for KODI full time?



Thanks Tech I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions!



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