Technology and Tourism

A Simple Click Really Helps

In modern times, technology has become the driving factor behind the way businesses are run. Information technology has made things look simple. Thanks to technology, plenty of data can be processed in a few seconds. People can research on the net, make their networks, and sell their product. Even financial transactions can be done easily. Technology has impacted tourism industry too. Travel services, hotels, transport organizations, entertainment entities; all have braced technology, and, in the process, standardized and customized their products.

Implications of Tecnology
Thanks to technology, people have learnt new ways of doing things. They have become accustomed to sophisticated process, information flow, control and coordination. However, technology in itself is not sufficient and the users must be alert enough to use it in the best way. Some tech components are used in-house while some are employed out of the boundaries. For instance, computers are used in office premises. On the other hand, jumbo jets, another example of technology, aid people by transporting them at rapid pace.

Due to technology, use of muscular power has come don and need of technical skills has arisen. Interdependence is today’s norm. An error at a level could result in inaccurate data at different levels. Organisations have moved closer and independent working has decreased. Technology has made big impact on productivity. More efficient services are now possible in lower costs. More people are now working in operations sector rather than production.

Technology requires infrastructural support to become part of normal routine. Tractors and pumpsets are today seen in even remote areas. However, these would not have become part of everyday life had facilities like petrol pumps, spare part dealers, mechanics were not available. These facilities took years to be developed. However, once the network was ready, technological products reached remote markets too.

People do not necessarily accept new technologies willingly. They could not readily accept new technologies because of several reasons like difficulty in learning new skills, fear that a better technically person could pass ahead, loss of position in office, reluctance to accept new relationships, lack of confidence etc.

In Koh Samui at Thailand, technology has enhanced the comfort level of tourists to a large extent.

Source by Dinesh Patairya
Dinesh Patairya


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