The $25 Gaming PC Vs Xbox 360

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A few videos back we compared our $75 PC build to a PlayStation 3 to see which one gave us better gaming performance. Since then we managed put together a $25 PC that is actually quite capable, and so we thought it fair to compare it to a console once again to see how it stacks up. Now the Xbox 360 wasn’t too far different in price, costing us just $32 (£26) used, so Microsoft’s last gen offering was the way to go.

Having testing our cheap PC yesterday we had fairly high hopes it could perform it’s decade old competition, and whilst the Xbox put up a pretty decent fight, our penny pinching build proved to be the star of the show.

$25 PC Build Specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz
4GB DDR2 Ram
400W PSU
250 GB HDD
GTX 550 Ti 1GB GDDR5

Games Tested:
Fallout 3
Grand Theft Auto V
Far Cry 3

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  1. Hey, cool video. I just wanted to note that the GTA5 on the 360 is considered a different game than the PC version. The PC version is the more up to date version, similar to what you'd find on PS4/Xbone. So really it is a comparison of two completely different games in the video, or at least versions different enough that they wouldn't be considered the same thing.

  2. If there was studdering on the PC its the amount of ram you have 4 GB but system resources are using a lot of the ram already I would recommend having 6-8 GB free to the game but for $25 that's pretty good

  3. Is my laptop good ?
    Specs :
    I5 430m 2.26Ghz
    8Gb 1066Mhz DDR3
    ATI Radeon HD 5870 1Gb GDDR5
    580Gb HDD
    I can run Far Cry 3 with customized settings ( medium+high) and Battlefield 3 Ultra (Smaa off) at 30+fps

  4. Seriously, PC parts in your country are waaaay too cheap. In my country, a GTX 550 Ti costs $50. A PC like this would probably cost $120 or less. And the worst part is, last year I bought a used PC for $125. The specs are worse than this.

  5. I love how everybody is talking about gaming and blaiming other systems' weaknesses. Let me join too. Can you multitask on a console? Can you do modeling using Autocad/3ds Max? Can you do programming using Eclipse SDK or Unity Engine? Can you create games? Can you do rendering using Adobe Premiere? Can you use Photoshop? Can you mod your games? Is the multiplayer service free? Are there steam sales? Can you watch house of cards while fapping to lesbian porn on Pornhub and play minesweeper at the same time? No? Then pc all the way.

  6. Im thinking of upgrading my gpu to a 1060 or a rx 480 from a 550 ti but i dont know if there are any better budget gpu's for around a similar price.
    The other specs of my pc are a AMD A8 6600k, 8GB DDR3 ram and a gigabyte f2a58m-hd2.


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