The $50 Budget “Gaming” Laptop

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Laptops are always a popular choice when it comes to computing and if it was actually possible to buy a laptop that was just as good as some of the sub $100 gaming PC’s we’ve built for a similar price, then I’m sure they’d be even more popular, especially with gamers.

But what happens when you do actually buy a laptop for under $100 under the assumption it can game? We knew looking at the specs it wouldn’t be suitable, but for your average consumer it might not be as obvious. For this video we went on the hunt for the cheapest laptop we could find that was advertised as a “gaming” machine, just to see what sort of performance you could expect. Let’s just say it wasn’t the greatest gaming experience ever.

Super Budget “Gaming” Laptop Specs:
Intel Celeron N2840 Dual Core CPU @ 2.16GHz
4GB DDR3 Ram
500GB Hard Drive
Intel HD Graphics (Uh-Oh)

Games Tested:
Call of Duty 2
Bioshock Infinite
Fallout 3
Grand Theft Auto V

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  1. You should have tested something like HL1 or HL2 and especially Nitronic Rush beacuse these games are really good and they run on literally every potato.´╗┐

  2. This channel is among the best and unusually addicting, the best thing for me is that it gives me hope that i can run games even whenmy pc is not updated after 5 or 6 months,

    My specs are

    i7 -6700
    8 gb ddr4 RAM
    Toshiba 2 TB Hard Disk ( Another WEAK part of my pc)
    Asus z170 Pro gaming Motherboard
    Dell u2414h Monitor ( Poor Black levels, a bullshit monitor for gaming)

    So this channel gives me hope that even if i have poor gtx 960 2gb, i can play older games without upgrading my graphic card,

    Thank you RandomGamingHD,´╗┐

  3. Why are you people always going 720p – 1080p ?! I would put that on 1024×768, turn on some effects and enjoy crazy framerate… You are forcing machines to run hd and then spitting on them!!´╗┐

  4. I love how "budget gaming" channels achieve high performance from low-tier components, yet the "big boys" always complain about the top-of-the-top can't run anything.

    " A dual core cpu with mid settings is able to run this and that game just fine "

    Meanwhile: "Your 10 core cpu and 16gig vram equipped gpu can barely run solitaire with lowest settings"´╗┐


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