The Apple iPhone 3G vs. other smartphones

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Due to the highly advanced technology these days, our life has become much easier and smoother. With increasing electronic equipments coming in the shops, people wish to own nearly each one to improve their way of living. You will be surprised once you step into the techno-world of gadgets and widgets. From electronic kitchen equipments to LCD TVs, from tiny laptops to astonishing mobile phones, the extremely developed skill and continuous up gradation in the technical world, the equipments have extremely improved. Apple iPhone is quite popular these days, isn’t it? Its an astonishing mobile phone with wonderful applications and features, check if it truly works better than other smartphones. Here are some hardware features which help you to compare Apple iPhone 3G with others smartphones. – Camera: The image firmware of the Apple iPhone 3G is recently updated, so the camera’s capture functionality is better than earlier. Photos captured with the latest Apple iPhone 3G look brighter and sharper. The close-ups, landscape photos have some hassle in concentrating as it uses the simple fixed focus lens. This is the biggest drawback of Apple iPhone 3G as it is unchanged from its older models. Its got the similar fixed focus and 2 megapixel camera, with the similar fundamental software. It also lacks video recording, moreover as it yet uses touch screen button, snapping a picture is slightly difficult. – Bluetooth: Other smartphone have A2DP headphones, so that the user carries additional batteries along. Apple iPhone 3G can not be support wireless speakers and headphones as it lacks A2DP feature. Alhough, it has an easy wireless music though. – Carrier Limitations: Though Apple iPhone 3G has HSDPA and UMTS data access, the largest problem is, it is available only in the US which includes comparatively limited area for 3G. But some smartphones like Sprint and Verizon have greater coverage area and also known 3G services to these extended areas. Hence, Apple iPhone 3G has restricted service providers. – Software: The cell phones functionality depends solely on its software, as the software and hardware are perfectly connected to each other. Software influences on the performance of the hardware in any technical device. The camera software is highly basic as well as the Bluetooth support in Apple iPhone 3G. Similar to any other smartphone, it doesn’t support detection for handsfree dialing. It lacks copy and paste feature, it has a combined email box and some other features are really missing in the Apple iPhone 3G. But these software can really be fixed in Apple iPhone 3G! at the same time, you cant retrofit Apple iPHhone 3G’s present camera feature. However it is equally tough to make challenging smartphones some less clunky or fit in the missing features such as Wi-Fi.

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