The Asus ZenBook 3 is the MacBook alternative Windows fans have been waiting for

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This 12.5-inch laptop is a close cousin to the Apple MacBook, but with a better processor.



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  1. Why is it anything that a company builds always claimed to be a copy/clone of an Apple product (except of Apple of course). It's just childish and irritating, move on from it. Seriously, any phone that has a touch screen and metal body is somehow considered and iPhone clone? A metal, light and thin ultrabook is always considered a MacBook clone? Come on now, I wouldn't expect this foolishness from these publication places. Or maybe I would…

    But when Apple goes ahead and "uses" ideas from others, it's fine (in fact the irony is sometimes, people claim that Apple are the first to do it and say the original company who did first copied Apple, oh the stupidity). We should be happy there is competition and many options, this drives innovation. Except from Apple of course, who will sell u the same product for years for milking purposes. Move on from all this that company copied this company nonsense.

  2. I love macbook designs, and its nice to have windows alternatives, but it kinda sucks that asus also did the same and only included 1 usb c port.

    I own a ux330 and love it, it is the perfect alternative to the macbook air, while not being 100% a copy (would've loved a glowing asus logo on the lid though)

  3. Common windows u sucks with driver issue and blue screen death.Never try to compete with mac os.better fix all bugs on windows 10.Why still scared and compete with apple when you have all-round performer.

  4. My disdain for CNET keeps on increasing. Can't believe I grew up watching these videos. FFS, Apple did not invent everything…Jericho did. I'll give you a moment to process that.

  5. Macbooks if anything are becoming an outdated design. Besides, any number of gaming laptops look nothing like a macbook letalone many ultrabooks and notebooks. If you want a real Macbook clone, look at the HP Envy from 2010

  6. Most windows laptops have been better than Macbooks since 2013 including Lenovo Yoga,Asus Zen, Surface,Razer  Blade and Dell XPS. Even Acer has decent laptops. MacBook hasn't been the laptop to beat for years. People need to get over Apple.

  7. So outside of being different colors, running different operating systems, produced by two completely different companies, having different track pads, different keyboards, having different specs and different components, these are exactly the same?


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