The BEAST – August 2016 – Newest Install of KODI Build – Hacked

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  1. Mines keep saying, "Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?" How do I get past this or is this a new error that you havent seen before?

  2. If I install your latest version of the Beast will it automatically up date to the next latest version when a new update Beast version comes out ?
    If I don't like your Beast how do i uninstall the Beast without uninstalling my Kodi ? I WILL BE USING MY KODI BEAST ON MY AMAZONE IF THE MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE !

  3. thank you…your instructional vid saved my kodi….cus i really fuc**d it up…i was exploring and doing thing i had no clue about like a real jacka$$ and your video helped me save it all…it was cut n dry …real easy to understand and everything was exactly as u put it!!! for real thank u!!

  4. I have just tried to install your beast and it said could not connect to server that was the error I got sorry but your install does not work you must have a wrong spelling I copied everything as per your instructions SORRY SIR

  5. how come after I install the latest version, It doesn't ask me to power off my fire stick. It just goes to the main menu. And when I open Kodi back up, its just regular Kodi. Am I missing something???

  6. I followed your video step by step and everything was working fine up until 81% downloaded and it just closed and said error….. I was wondering if you knew what I can do to fix this??


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