The Beast Build for Kodi (Sept 2016)

A Simple Click Really Helps

My Tron installation VIdeo for Fire Stick TV:

Downlaod Kodi from:

Rememer to Fresh Start Kodi before install any Build!!

Step 1

To register with your email:you can donate and support the builders: -log in and verify

Step 2

System-File Manager- Add Source-
click done-name it “the beast” -done OK

Add the 2nd source (just in case)
click done-name it “the beast 2” -done OK

Step 3

System-Addons-okay- install from zip file-the
install the beast 2-install from zip file-the beast 2- download this

Step 4

Prorgrams-right click-addon settings-insert email and password-ok-
click on the beaset-click the Beast August 18th

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  1. Hello, I followed all your instructions and everything seems to have worked without me getting errors. However, after the power off and on and when I launch kodi.. for some reason a quick photo of the beast appears and then kodi launches the default kodi blue screen! Any advise please? Thanks.

  2. I loaded this on another fire tv. The beast build for August 18th is no longer there, but sept. 22 is. After everything is installed and the reboot has taken place. The screen has no graphics, just the menu bar, black background, trimmed in red. Did the source change to vader?

  3. Neither of these will install from zip…I keep getting a message saying it failed to install. I have restarted three times. I have it on my box and it worked great, so I don't know what I am missing…any ideas?

  4. Hey I love your video want to install got to the wizard and I hav a mouse built into keyboard I tried the right bottom button did not work, tried c on keyboard did not work. How do I get to the email setup in the wizard??????? I already registered. PLEAS E HELP

  5. I had to go into appearance and change the skin to The Beast as it rebooted into Confluence. This is not the first build I've had to do this to. When I downloaded Apollo I did it twice because I thought I made a mistake the first time since the start screen had Apollo but there skin was still in Confluence.
    Not sure why that is though.

    Thank you for the review. I wanted to check this build before I installed it 😊

  6. Great vid! However, upon following all instructions on my ATV4, Model 1625, all i get is the home screen before the build. Even tried again with a reset on the ATV4 and created a new app in Xcode. Do not know why it did not load. Ron

  7. did a fresh start went to add in file manager and got a message couldnt retrieve directory info. This could be due to the network not being connected would you like to add it anyways. no. I am connected to a network. Whats wrong??? Please help

  8. I've had KODI for a long time. I could not find "Fresh Start" on Fireguru wizard, because it doesn't have "program" to click on. I re-downloaded KODI, and installed The Beast successfully. When I clicked "OK" to go out, I couldn't find it. I went into my downloads and every time I tell it to run, it keeps taking me back to "install wizard"……..over, and over and over. I've never had that problem before. It wont open. ANY IDEA WHY?

  9. Hey; I posted a request on your comments and called the number you provided. I am really in need this device to work for me and I am in China where the TV here you work prefer to endure a waterboarding than watch a Chinese TV. So PLEASE I need your help on this magnificent build "BEAST" I chose you from the so many you tubers because of your style.


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