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Here is my latest update Ultra TT version 2.0 . I have made a few fixes and included the library feature and version number. The build still runs incredibly fast and has all the addons you need
real debrid tutorial:

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  1. first off thank you for great videos. now when I install this build it prompts me to use the echo wizard, is that ok. and also it tells me sports devil is incappitable. what should I do. please help, I really like using sports devil unless you think I should go a different route. thank you

  2. Hi bud…I'm following all the steps for installing on my SG Note5 and I get to the part on clicking the "Team TDP Repository" and I get an error message saying "Could not connect to repository" —– I've even gone as far as uninstalling KODI and trying to redo the entire process and every time i get to the step of installing the repository, I get the same error message. Please help….cheers mate. It also says "repository.teamtdb(now echo).zip" Don't know what the "now echo" means.

  3. Great build, fast, easy to use and by far my favorite. Thanks for making this available as it's by far my favorite to date.

    Would it be possible to change the default viewtype to something more visual like thumbnails or posters? I have this installed on my firestick and I'm not sure how to access the xml files to adjust the viewtype folders like I have in the past on my HTPC setup. Any help with this would greatly be appreciated.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  4. I done what u did on the library part and when going into salts I added a TV show but once I went back into kodi like u said there's nothing in library how do I fix this are is the TV show in somewhere else?

  5. Hi having a problem getting the build. Keeps telling me there's an echo wizard error message also tried going to the build and using programs to get ultra tt… What should I do please help. Thank you


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