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Here is the latest ultra TT v1.5, It runs incredibly fast on all devices & has all the content you need. A few addons added to the build and a lot more to come. Updated weekly!


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  1. Updated to 2.5
    When I do a search in TV shows…while searching get repeated non stop audible error code for YouTube. When the search reaches 100% it does not matter which add on I choose the show will not open. Help!!

  2. First of all thanks for all of the awesome videos and software. Is there a way to have kodi watch for a movie ? i.e. I want a 1080 version of Suicide Squad. Can I set up something to watch for that and then let me know when it is available?

  3. Tried it for hours but TDB guide doesn't link and show my PVR in the choose your stream and furthermore the IPTVsubs URL is an old one. Basically if there is a way to integrate IPTVsubs I have no clue how since TDB guide doesn't pick its PVR (through ninja addon)or link to latest addon to anything. While I can open separately, I simply can't link to anything.

  4. How can I add my paid PVR and some specific addon on this tdb wizard? I imagine I should ask TDB as it doesn't any of them and I can't find a way to link them. As for the build, it's great and I'm not a fan of any builds and in fact, avoid them as they generally are to full of useless stuff which are tough to remove…

  5. Hi there
    I've just come off holiday fired up my M8S box and it's gone back to its original condition Jarvis 16.1 and has deleted your build. Tried reinstalling it and it's saying TD8 serves offline.

    Any help appreciated please. Thankyou.

  6. i've tried every section of the ultra tt v2.0 for over an hour and not one thing loaded and android box. somewhat disappointed as i have hyper tt 4.7 on nvidia shield and although some sections don't load on that one, overall its a descent build and one i would recommend


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