Here is the new Hyper TT V5.0 . It has had a complete make over and after so many requests it has now taken on a blue theme. Broken links have been fixed and tried to improve performance!

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  1. hello I down loaded the build but it didn't change my background or made anything easy to see its all the stock kody set up its impossible to find movies … I don't get the different genres and the listing of different sources ….

  2. Hi TT, I have the HyperTT 5.1 on my pi, and since the past few days, the widget on the movies section has disappeared, without me making any changes other than adding Aftershock addon for India content. Please advise.

  3. Hi I've got Hyper TT v5.2, which is fantastic. I'm having a problem with Sports Devil though, in System, Add Ons, Updates, Sports Devil is there so I update it, and all though it says it's updated, it still remained requiring updating. What can I do? I've tried deleting it, but then it wouldn't install due to dependency issues, which then led me to go into Echos wizard and installing from there, even though after install it came up with dependency issues. All in all, I'm completely at a loss what to do. My mate has the Ultra Build, but hers updated without issue. Can you please help?

  4. I would like to know why I can't never watch NFL network pregame show? I haven't been able to watch it for the last month! I would like to be able to watch pre game before the game starts thanks. Can you help me?

  5. When i installed this build its now v5.2. the widget for movies did not appear to be like the ones shown at tv shows section. when I select one of the movie, the description at the top shown as in the video however the background image did not change according the movie I selected but instead a picture of a vault. At the Tv Show section however when I hover over the widget, the wallpaper will change according to the show I selected. Please advice how to solve this. Secondly, is it possible to set public and adult profile like your ultra tt build. If we can do this, please share a video or steps on how to do this please. Thank You.


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