The Best Kodi Build For The FireStick The No Limits Custom Build On FireTV

A Simple Click Really Helps

If you have a FireStick and want the very best Kodi build with all the best add-ons with free movies, TV Shows, Live TV, PPV, Kids programming, Music and more. This build has two option one with XXX adult content and one without.
This is a very light weight build so it won’t take up much space on your FireStick.

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  1. Hi Larry. Thanks for the video. This build doesn't seem to be working. I never got the "confluence" look like in your video – but was able to still install No Limits successfully. Running Krypton v17. However after quitting Kodi, and even restarting FireTV Stick, the same basic look appeared after launching Kodi. No Limits is installed, but No Love.

  2. If I install this build do I need to install Live Stream Player to get live tv?   I watched the video you posted about getting access to live tv with live stream player then I ran across this video, so I'm not sure what I need.

  3. Hey Blkphoto. I am unable to find the old version instructions to install Kodi on a fire stick. I see other options but your videos are great and easy to follow I don't want to use anyone elses videos.

  4. I just installed the build and everything works fine. My only issue is I have a a small picture in a blue circle located right side in the middle of the screen. The picture changes when you look at something different. How can I take that off?

  5. I did this and not only did the download not finish, but I couldn't get kodi to do another "Fresh Start". I had to delete kodi and put it back on my firestick. Guess what? It won't install any longer. Don't do this unless you are really good with figuring out how to fix your firestick.

  6. What exactly is a build? I've installed a few Kodi's on my firesticks, and then loaded some add ons manually. Does a build just have them all loaded already? Sorry for the newbie question!

  7. wont work for me. When i try to install it just keeps on saying – failed to install… dependency on version could not be satisfied. Shame because it looks like a nice build



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