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Here is the latest hyper TT V4.5 . We now have a fully working NFL game pass so there should be no more issues. It seems to be running much better than previous versions so please advise in comments below:

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  1. mine is freezing when I try to load a movie I previously watched but didn't finish. whether I try to resume or start over. it appears to be loading then freezes. any thoughts? I've cleared cache already.

  2. I did a bad thing I downloaded the new Kodi 17 and I hate it and I want you to tell me how do I delete that and go back to Kodi 16 I'm not using a PC I'm using I believe an Android please help me ASAP

  3. hi
    a few of my addons like : Boogies kodi repo, f4m tester, goliaths add-on repository and sports devil say update failed and stay on my available updates page. and some TV addon for live TV but I disabled it and can't find it now. running on an m8s 2gb ram s905 processor android box

  4. I put this build on my amazon fire stick and it worked great last night today on the other hand it is not showing no add ons or nothing. I am ready delete it forever and give a word of advice do not put this build on your device!! So if anyone has any advice please let me know thanks

  5. good day mate first let me say I love your build great job..i install your build in almost 20 android box for my latin  community in PA and everyone love it however iam having issues with nfl game day cannot get it to work ….I have try everything you post and nothing work    if you can give me advice I appreciated and so would my customers thank mate and keep up the good work

  6. Hi! I have been using your build for about three weeks now and I love it over all. There are a couple of issues I have that I'd like some help with. First off, when I scroll to movies I don't have any widgets. Second, there are messages that pop up occasionally that tell me a certain widget (sports deviled for example) is not working and do I want to delete it, I always keep them but wonder if I should delete. Also, it seems to not work properly when I first turn it on, does it need to go through a loading cycle every time I turn it on, if so, how long? Also, what is the easiest way to keep it running quicker and without hick ups; is an update and clearing cache all I need to do?

  7. Why no matter what I do, my TT build won't update past 3.5 even though this video says 4. This link only gives the build that was released in October. Does anyone know where the latest TT build is?

  8. Thanks for the Ultra and Hyper TT Builds. How can I stop the updates all the time? is there a way to have it update once a week? It goes through the guide every time I turn it on and have to wait until it is finished. Thanks!


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