The Best Kodi Build November 2016 (works with New Amazon Fire TV Stick)

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The Best Kodi Build November 2016 that works on the old and new Amazon Fire TV Stick!

In this video review, I walk you through the different sections of this Best Kodi Build that is in my Top Kodi Build list for November 2016. It has a ton of great content and all of the Top 10 Kodi Addons you need to Watch Free Live TV, TV Shows and Movies. It is super Fast, smooth and Easy To Install and navigate! I also show you How to Fresh Start your Kodi! I always recommend a Fresh Start before installing a new Kodi Build. After the Fresh Start, I show you step by step How To Install this Kodi Build.

**This Kodi Build is regularly updated by Jeremy, so it may look a bit different than in this video depending on the day you install it.**

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Credit: All credit does to Jeremy for his SpinzTV Hardnox build! This build and his others are amazing and kept up to date!

How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick:

The Best Kodi Build October 2016:



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  1. arrrggghhhh it won't frickin do it!! I'm clicking on zip file then plug in. then pop up says "failed to add on dependency on version could not be satisfied". well annoying me this now. sez

  2. Love your videos i just downloaded the bill from your previous video which bill do you think is better this one or the previous one new to this which one has the most stuff vayse i can't use both bills correct

  3. Impressive On Fire Stick…. There Is a Slow Period which I Attribute to Fire Stick being Small In Size….Still Overall Very Nice Build….Thank You !!!!!! You take your time to explain things So.. We Get it…Some other You Tubers Are Very Advanced And they leave us Noobs Behind.


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