Here is the latest update to ultra tt. I have added more live tv addons as a lot of people are having issues with them. I have fixed NFL Game pass and removed some broken addons. Full guide & install tutorial
Real Debrid guide:

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  1. Seems to have installed ok………except when i try to enable adult profile, i get an edit profile screen not the enable one ..
    And yes i did download the version with adult… any ideas ??/ thanks

  2. Do anybody have the all new KODI 17 KRYPTON BUILD, KODIFLIX for KODI, if so has it been failing when you try to install it, I have the all new Development builds: Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” early access (beta 5 & nightly), I did the Beta Build Installer by switching from the Current release: Kodi v16.1 “Jarvis” on my Windows laptop PC, when it installed on my PC I cannot hardly get nothing to work up under that new Krypton, when I tryied the Schims TV Build by doing step by step of the video I saw it under, the installation be failing to install/download, Hmmm what could be the problem under that new Krypton, what am I not doing right, someone help me out, cause I wanna see what that all new Krypton is like

  3. Top, my library isn't working. When I try to add to it there is no option only one for favorites, do I need to change a setting to get the option for library? Also Echo has a new TV guide I really like the new look, are you gonna update it on the build or can you please tell me how to do it? Thanks

  4. Hi mate firstly I have to say great videos i watch them all the time for everything to do with my kodi so great work keep it up.
    Secondly I've downloaded your ultra tt build onto my android tv, it runs great the sports and other sections work. The issue I'm having is when i try to watch a movie none of the addons work they all say no streams available no matter what movie i want to watch but on the other hand the same addons work when i want to watch a tv series. Any suggestions or ideas my friend?

  5. HELLO I am getting an error message: autoswitch was not successful click yes to manually switch U hit yes and nothing happens its as if i did not do the install at all the skin is not available for me to switch to. What do I do please


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