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Here is my latest version of ULTRA TT V3.5 some addon changes and performance fixes. tv guide now working again and all sections have been updated with the latest addons!


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  1. I've been waiting to watch the new season of lethal weapon its been on 2 weeks now, now is it not on the fire sick?
    also what about talk shows like Wendy, Steve Harvey and DR Oz is there a way too watch these shows? thanks

  2. Hi I'm trying to download the build and I've gone back to confluence. I've got as far as install from zip file and found (1.02 isn't there) but it won't install. Says 'failed to install from add-on from zip file. HELP!!!

  3. i dont want to rate a movie i just want decent quality movie. Do they all use the same shit links to upload their crap? I dont want to watch a hd movie thats 2 years old i wanna watch a newly released hd movie not something thats been filmed with an 80s camcorder ffs

  4. I have downloaded this build successfully 4 times. Every time I turn my box off and then back on it is back to confluence theme and I have to download ultra tt again. I have no idea how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated

  5. Hello I'd like to welcome you to my YoutTube Channel where I cover all of KODI, KODI Addons, KODI Builds, KODI XXX, New Addons, Installations and Reviews. Thanks, See you there!

  6. Followed the instructions and seemed to be going well till i selected you in the list started to find the build but then went to say "krypton not found sorry"

  7. Hello and Happy Holidays Toptutorials… Having a problem with Hyper build. on the latest version I can no longer install my and my peoples favorite news add-on, News 12, do you have a fix? Love this build and don't want to move on to another, thanks

  8. Downloaded this build and now I can't get any streams to play. I restarted my android box and it worked temporarily but it happens every time I open kodi. Any ideas on how to fix this?


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