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Here is the latest Ultra TT V2.5 That includes a new theme switcher! I have included some new addons and it still runs incredibly fast! ALSO includes FREE NFL GAME PASS INTERNATIONAL!


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  1. Ultra TT build now updated to V2.8. Thank you TT. Found Nvidia Shield fix in Echo Wizard under Advanced Settings that solved all of my prob's w/buffering issue. I had for about that section. Do you have a video that goes through all the stuff in Echo Wizard and what each does? AGAIN TYSM for all of your hard work and info mate. Can never ty enough for all of the useful info you have passed onto all of us.

  2. I use cleanmaster on my box to remove junk Just works like on a phone Used it years So when i do a full clean And a booster It make kodi run the line likes its the first Time using it And removes The blue I wish you would set it on blue permanent looks 100 times better The red is to much

  3. to 5.3 nfl game pass not working….logging into nfl game pass failed. make sure that your account information is correct and your subscription is valid…….does anyone have a valid code?

  4. can you update the tomb raider build please really like the build there a few dead links also tv channels on there a few dead links as well apart from that out of the builds i had ultra tt an tomb raider are the best ones i had an is the version 2.44 the right update for it

  5. Question? Which build is better? Ultra or Hyper. I find that I had to go back to HyperTT because I like the fact that almost every channel finds the stream and starts playing unlike Ultra where i am always having to pick a stream source. However HyperTT does not have as many 24/7 tv shows as the Ultra that i tried or great selection.

  6. To those having issues with the debugging error I did this and it worked go to addons, video addons, scroll to nfl game pass click the 3 lines button on your remote, then click addon settings, go to advanced tab all the way to the right click addon debugging and boom problem solved let me know if this worked for you thanks.

  7. hi there.
    thank you for such a great build! my only problem seems to be my TV Guide. it has the widgets up top but has no subcategories on the bottom and when I click on "TV guide" nothing happens….

    any advice?


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