The Best Kodi Build (Top Kodi Build)

A Simple Click Really Helps

The Best Kodi Build closing out December 2016 that works great on the new and old Amazon Fire TV Stick

In this video review, I walk you through the different sections of this Best Kodi Build that made it to the Top Kodi Builds list due to it’s popularity. It has a ton of great content and includes all of the Top 10 Kodi Addons you need to Watch Free Live TV, TV Shows, Movies and Sports. It is super Fast, smooth even on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Easy To Install and Easy To Navigate. I also show you How To Fresh Start Kodi using the Ares Wizard. I always recommend a Fresh Start before installing a New Kodi Build. I also show you step by step How To Install The Best Kodi Build.

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Credit: All credit for this amazing Kodi Build goes to the Pulse team/devs. Thanks for all of your hard work!

The Best Kodi Build 2016 (Current Fav):

How To Change Builds:

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  1. Great tutorial. You are awesome. Kodi wouldn't load and I forced stopped many times; still nothing happened. I had to clear the cache but lost everything. Stumbling on your video was the best thing ever. I am back to movie watching:-)

  2. you are awesome. i accidently deleted all my kodi data and did not have any idea what to do toget everything bck. i love this build way more than the last i was using. thank you rhank you thanks you

  3. Thank you for patiently walking through this. Never touched Kodi before. I had watched this at work and made some notes, still could not get it to work. I came home and followed the video, pausing as I went and it worked perfectly. 5 Stars! I would like to know if you would add any add-ons to the Pulse build and if so which ones?


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