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here is possibly the best movie addon for kodi that we have ever seen! it offers 4k, 3D , 1080 and 720 movie streams and they are all 1 click play! a fantastic addon for your movies!
repo: http://toptutorials.co.uk/kodi

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  1. downloaded the add-on exactly as shown but when I go to my add-ons and clicked to open fine & dandy but immediately says error and won't let me open the add-on what do I do? using a Mac and I live in the US

  2. It's not giving me the opition to enter my real debris account info in settings? When I go to add on setting it has a general tab but it's blank. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. I have it for other Addoms

  3. updated to latest TT version. running on a shield. can you help me with why do I keep getting an annoying box poo up saying apps are secretly downloading files asking me to install something. I keep clicking to escape and it goes away. I'd like to be rid of it if you can help with why you think it's happening?

  4. Hey Top, just wondering do you think we will ever get a decent 4K addon anytime for Kodi , lot of stuff posted as 4K but it never works. I think you mentioned a Debrid account with one of these will more 4K stuff actually work, cheers for your latest vids good stuff


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