The Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor? | LG 34UC79G-B

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Taking a look at a 34″ Ultrawide Curved 144Hz 1ms Response time Gaming monitor with FreeSync! Its pretty damn good…
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  1. I got mine for under $600 on Amazon. Lovely monitor for the price point. I read that there may be some issues with refresh rate and their overdrive response time feature, but it hasnt resulted in a bad experience at all… so apparently it can get even better with a firmware update.

  2. i dont want to tell you that you're wrong.but you are, this monitor is 14ms or 5ms {GTG}
    the motion blur reduction is 1ms.
    bro i think you need to make sure you know everything before you make a video on it.
    i was about to buy this monitor and i did some research.

  3. if anyone can help i live in South africa and have a gtx 1080 , i don't have the money for the g sync monitors. is this a good monitor with my graphic card? i really want a 21:9 .. the 2 monitors i am looking at is this one or the dell 34… which should i choose i will be playing games im a student .. i am oky with 60 fps im not greedy. what will be better?

  4. I'm not an expert but i5-3470 3.2Ghz, GTX 1060, 8GB RAM DDR3 or 4 not sure. Is my setup good and capable of running the all demanding Forza Horizon 3 on 2560×1440/60Hz at Medium or High settings with 60+ fps? Please let me know guys. Thanks


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