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Here is the best free live tv addon i have seen for USA tv. It has HD channels including the premium usa channels as well as sport!


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  1. Why is this working for everyone else but not me 🙁 This keeps coming up I had the Tomb Raider build but I did an uninstall and reinstalled kodi because I find that with builds I can't make it look the way I want it to ie Thumbnails etc and that build didn't tell me what quality the show/movie was SD, HD etc. I cleared my cache too and yet I'm still having these issues :(

  2. first of all I like the work you put it for these great builds.but having an issue with the iptv add on the test run I was able to get espn,usa,hbo,fox sports,cinamax etc. but now I only get local and news channels. so my question is what happened? thanks and appreciate all the work you put in.

  3. as I love your tutorials, I noticed you have kept the Kodi "Stock". Every other Kodi vid I see, they have other programs with Kodi. Is there a reason why you have kept it stock? Just trying to get the best out of Kodi. Thanks.

  4. still getting kick out when watching movies please help kicks me out all the way to the firestick home page first screen saver pop on then when I press button on the remote control I'm at the firestick home page

  5. hey first of all thanks for amazing work i've using your builds for 6 months now and i really appreciate your work, its really get my film an tvshow hobbie whole new level. Secondly i have a question which movie addons dont use "movies shoot in cinema" or which ones only use 1080p. (sorry for my bad english i hope i can explain myself)


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