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The fifth and latest Carol Reed mystery was just released in Big Fish coming from MDNA Games as an exclusive. The Color of Murder game presents Carol on her fourth year in Sweden, wherein she’s to embark on a brand new case, but this time around, she must hurry or else miss her chance for a much-deserved break.

The story of The Color of Murder starts after your friend Willy asks you for an investigative favor. His son, Adrian went missing for days, and he wants you to look for clues regarding Adrian’s whereabouts. This is easier said than done though, because Adrian was last seen hanging around with some dangerous crowd. After he went missing, articles and letters linking to a previous murder were also found in his apartment. This case may yet be another one of Carol Reed’s life and death situations, and to top it all off, she must hurry solving this one too to make it in time for Midsummer’s Eve.

The game is a first-person point-and-click adventure where you are tasked to help Carol Reed solve a mysterious case. Throughout the whole game you explore buildings and other scenic locales, talk to various people involved in your investigation, and solve puzzles in order to continue your journey. Of course, there is much interaction needed to employ on selected objects in the game too, which basically means storing items in your inventory and using them whenever the chance permits.

One very nice thing about The Color of Murder is how much freedom you’re given to explore the whole game. You can visit any location you want on the game map and nothing will prevent you from exploring the sites further. However, the negative side to all of this is that you’ll most of the time lose track of your objectives from all that exploring. Good thing that the game now comes with an automatic hint system in the form of Carol’s notebook, telling you what to do next if you see yourself stuck in any point in the game.

Source by Ruff Bismonte

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